Sigma Qualitas is a network of seasoned and experienced consultants, with several years work experience in large multinational organizations and the public sector, who have come together for the purpose of providing consultancy expertise and training to clients across various industries.

We have developed over time, services and solutions built around a strategy that is guaranteed to consistently deliver EXCELLENT SERVICE. Our focus, are organizations and individuals who wish to shift their thinking and focus away from technology driven solutions solely, towards care and service. To this end, we have designed fit for purpose, world class solutions, strategic ideas and training programmes to deliver excellent results.

We achieve this by utilizing highly skilled and experience professionals, adopting proven world class business methodologies to rapidly accelerate business growth and performance in response to prevailing market and customer expectations.

Value Proposition
Governance Initiatives that focuses on three core areas, where we offer unrivaled skills and experience
•IT and Quality Management Training
•Quality Management – Six Sigma
•Programme and Project Management
•Business Strategy
•Human Capital Management
•Functional & Operating Models
•Organizational Design & Change
•Restructuring, Recruitment & Transition
•Skills & Career Development
•People Expertise
•Demand Management & Prioritization
•Business Value
•Informed Decision Mapping
•Benefit Realization
•Culture and Change Management
•Communication & Stakeholder Management
•Business Readiness & Transition